Since the moment when the first smartphone appeared on the market, mobile devices have become an integral part of our life: a source of entertainment in free minutes, a means of communication with friends and family and, more recently, an indispensable tool in work activity and task planning. 

We conducted a survey on the role of mobile applications in work efficiency . More than 850 respondents took part in it. They shared their views on how mobile devices have improved their productivity , especially in the case of processing and working out of the office. Contrary to the loud headlines that mobile devices cultivate workaholism and create the feeling that you are always available for new tasks, 70% of survey participants noted that the use of mobile devices did not affect the balance of their personal and professional life and, on the contrary, even improved. 

We offer twenty of the best mobile applications for iOS and Android, which you can download to do more and find the best balance between work and leisure. 

The best mobile apps for productive work on iOS

1 . Workflow

This editorial-winning application automates processes such as obtaining navigation directions, calling a Uber taxi to take you straight to the next scheduled meeting, uploading the last photo you took to Dropbox, etc. ($ 2.99)

Duet display

Duet Display is a mobile application developed by former Apple engineers and designed to use the iPhone and iPad as a second display. Connect your device to your Mac with a Lightning cable or a 30-pin cable and get a second display with instant response time and touch functions ($ 7.99).

3 . Habitlist 

This application is based on Seinfeld’s “Don’t Break the Chain” principle of productivity , designed to help you form useful work habits. It keeps track of how many days in a row you have been doing various daily tasks, be it “work out in the gym” or “drink 8 glasses of water” ($ 3.99).

4 . Pomodoro timer 

Customizable timers, with which you can set the duration of working time and breaks. Beautiful no frills interface ($ 1.99).


One of the best mobile apps of 2015, Streaks will help you cultivate good habits by encouraging you to complete a series of tasks on a daily basis ($ 3.99, also available for Apple Watch). 

Super Notes

This free iOS app allows you to take notes, notes, photos, and set reminders. Mark the topics of your posts with different colors, sort by date and category, use the search and synchronize data with other devices or cloud storage (for free). 

7 . CamScanner Pro 

Use your phone’s camera to scan checks, notes, bills, business cards, etc. Invite others to view and comment on your scanned images, insert notes, add your own watermarks, set passwords to view specific documents and synchronize with other devices (4). , $ 99).


Create groups from your contact list and manage them, easily contacting entire teams at once through messages, emails and phone calls ($ 4.99).

9 . Forest

Forest is a meditative application that will help you focus on important tasks. Leave the app open for 30 minutes to plant and grow a tree. One has only to close the application to get distracted on Facebook or Instagram, as the tree dries and dies ($ 0.99).

10. Dragon Dictation 

This free speech recognition mobile application allows you to quickly take notes and compose messages without having to type them by hand on a tiny mobile keyboard (for free).

The best mobile apps for productive work on Android 

11 7 Weeks abit & Goal Tracker 

Based on the bestseller Power of Habits , this free mobile app will help you cultivate good habits and get rid of bad ones in just 7 weeks. A simple color-coded design makes it easy to track progress (for free).

12. Mindly 

Come up with ideas, organize your thoughts and plan projects with the help of visualization tools. Create a mental map of the project and attach notes and images to it, choose color schemes, synchronize with Dropbox and export the result to PDF (for free).

13 Teamviewer 

Get secure remote access to devices on Windows, Mac and Linux. A full-featured keyboard, real-time sounds, video transfer, and two-way file sharing help you keep your data on hand and provide real-time support to customers and colleagues (for free).

14 . Pocket 

Save articles and videos found on the network for further reading both online and offline on any of the synchronized devices (for free). 

15 Sleepepycle

This alarm analyzes your sleep cycle and wakes you up at the right time during the 30 minute period, which includes the time you set, so that you will always rise in a fresh and cheerful mood ($ 0.99). 

16 Twilight 

Twilight automatically filters the hard blue light coming from the screen of your device to reduce the strain on your eyesight and help you fall asleep faster (for free).

17 . Shush! Ringer restorer

Did you turn off the sound of the phone during a meeting, and then forget to turn it back on? This Android application allows you to set a timer to automatically activate the sound of a call after a certain time (for example, equal to the duration of a movie in a movie) (for free).

18 Pushbullet 

Share files and links between your Android devices, send and receive SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger messages and use pop-up mobile notifications while working on your computer (for free).

19 . ASTRO File Manager 

Search and organize your files, no matter where they are: on the SD card, in the internal memory, in Dropbox or other cloud storage or on PCs, Macs and Linux computers connected via the network (for free).

Notification Toggle 

Adjust the status bar of your device All Android . taken quickly switch between WiFi and Bluetooth, go to silent mode, adjust the brightness of the screen and create shortcuts to frequently used applications (for free).
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How do you use mobile devices to increase efficiency?

What would you add to our list? Share your list of required mobile apps to increase productivity in the comments below and don’t forget to view the list of free Wrike mobile apps for iOS and Android. To learn about the latest trends in the world of mobile productivity, including the main advantages, the most popular features and the main obstacles to working with mobile devices.